Teenage girl sat on wooden steps in an autumnal forest

Have you been thinking about a teenager photo shoot? It’s a great idea and something that’s really popular in America, although they call it a ‘Senior Portrait Session.’ Either way, it’s a fabulous chance to photograph your kids as they transition from children into young adults.

Black and white portrait of a teenage boy


My first piece of advice is to run the idea past your teenager and ensure they’re on board with the idea. Trust me, there is nothing harder than photographing a teenager who doesn’t want to be photographed! They can dig their heels or should I say their Converses in far deeper than any tired toddler! But if they’re fully up for it, then you’ll end up with gorgeous photos and even some unplanned, comical moments like this! (I promise he was just messing around and, despite Mum’s squeals of embarrassment, they loved this image when they saw it!)

Black and white portrait of the back of a teenage boy pretending to wee through the railings.


Next on my list would be location. I love the idea of them being able to look back on these images in year’s to come and recall their favourite teenage hide out!

Teenage photo shoot of a boy in his dark black bedroom playing his electric guitar

Perhaps they have a favourite spot in your garden, love to ride horses or simply chill-out in their bedroom? Wherever it might be, it would be great to incorporate this into their shoot!

Photographer is sat under a desk shooting up at a teenage boy playing his electric guitar


One of the best things about a teenage photo shoot is that they can stay up later than small children. This means we make the most of what’s known as the ‘Golden Hour.’ It’s the two hours before sunset when the sun gives off a beautiful golden glow. In the summer, this could be between 8pm-10pm which would be beyond most toddlers but ideal for teenagers!

Teenage boy posing for a teenage photo shoot wearing a blue shirt and stood in front of gorgeous autumnal sun light

In the autumn and winter, the sun sets a lot earlier. For example, the photo below was taken at 4pm when the sun shone through the autumnal leaves. So this could be the perfect time for a photo shoot with a teenager and much younger sibling.

Teenage girl sat on wooden steps in an autumnal forest - photograph by Alexandra Tandy Photography

There’s one last thing of course! And that’s to click on the link below and tell me all about your teenagers! I’ll take care of everything else, even the printing and framing! So as your teenagers would say…it’s sorted!

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