couple sat on a park bench with two dogs with beautiful autmunal leaves behind them
Boy sat in harsh light
Boy stood in soft light

Calmer light

Softer on the eyes

Desaturated colours

Softer shadows

Bright light

Hard on the eyes

Bold colours

Deeper shadows

It's worth using your lens hood in harsh light. It will help prevent lens glare on your images and protect your lens from accidental damage too!

One advantage of hard light is that is creates the most amazing shadows. Look out for them and change your angle or position to incorporate them into your photo!

Little boy riding away on a plastic bike
Mother sat on a window seat reading a book to a toddler
Living room with sofa and armchair
Yellow triangle


Teddy sat away from a window in soft light
Teddy bear sat near a window in bright light
Boy on Dad's shoulders raising his hand up in the air to touch a swinging street sign, banner