I'm addicted to street photography!

This candid style of photography

is so similar to my own work,

but it involves complete strangers -

which scares me witless.

So I decided to enrol on a

photography course and learn

more about this genre of photography!

Here's how I got on!



Street photographer Brian Lloyd Duckett

If I was going to learn street photography, then there was only one person I wanted to teach me - the industry renowned street photographer, Brian Lloyd Duckett. And the least I could do was take his street portrait!

We walked over 7 miles that day and I lost count of how many photos I took, but I loved every moment. Here are some of the key principles I learnt as we walked around Shoreditch in London.

Shoreditch is renowned for its street art and I loved the cyclists riding past Tweetie Pie. I was happy with this initial shot (right) and the leading lines of the sloping roof and yellow lines, drawing our eye to them.

But then this Deliveroo cyclist approached and I was able to quickly frame my photo so that Tweetie Pie was giving him a helping hand!

I love playing with light on a day-to-day basis and the long shadows lying across the road helps draw your eye to the lady crossing the road.

This technique is known as panning and uses a really slow shutter speed. I have a love/hate relationship with this style of photography as you'll take 100s of shots to get one good photo! The speed of your subject really helps and London cyclists move a lot faster than toddlers on my photoshoots, so I came away with a great selection of shots!