Street Portrait photo of a photographer stood in front of a door painted with graffeti and street art
black and white photo of a lady shopping in Shoreditch market, banner

That's a very good question. I take portrait photos of people everyday, however I usually have a brief; I've spoken to the person in advance; and I know how they want look and the way they want to use their photos.

With street photography you're photographing a stranger

and often without interacting with them. And as long as you're in a public place, it's quite legal to do this.

Although I'll be honest, it did initially seem strange

photographing strangers without their permission.

But I was quickly hooked and could

divide people into three distinct categories.

This reportage style of portrait involves photographing your subject without them realising.

It's a brilliant way to get natural, candid shots that reflect

the real person.

From time-to-time, I was approached by strangers eager

to be photographed.

Nobody asked to receive their photos, they just wanted to enjoy the experience.

Lady stirring street food in London, banner

I felt like a contestant on Great British Bake Off when Brian said: "You've got 30 minutes to request as many portraits as possible!"

The challenge was set and my nerves went out the window. It was time to be brave, time to smile at strangers, quickly introduce myself and hope for they'd agree! And I wasn't disappointed. Everyone was lovely and I got these great shots!

Man walking down the street with his arms wide open and a Hello t-shirt, banner
family walking a wood towards the camera, banner