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Before starting up my own photography business, I spent over 20 years in PR & Marketing. Early mornings were generally filled with rather tedious meetings reviewing stock levels, discussing new promotions and showcasing the latest press coverage. Don’t get me wrong, it was great fun at the time, but I’m far happier being a Pre-school Photographer! Take the other day as an example. There were no spreadsheets or mission statements in sight, just miles of smiles at the ever popular Ride On Time toddler group!


The clever clogs behind Ride on Time is husband and wife team Tracey & Justin. The initial concept of running a toddler group filled to the brim with ride on toys, came to Tracey in a dream. When she explained her idea to Justin he thankfully said: “Let’s do it!” And before long they’d built-up a fantastic fleet ranging from tractors and vintage planes to princess carriages. The toys are used for two purposes. Firstly the couple run toddler groups in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and then, at the weekend, they hire them out for the most spectacular Birthday parties!

The children not only get to scoot about to their hearts content, but can fill their vehicles up at the plastic fuel pumps and stop to let others walk across the zebra crossings!


I attended a toddler session in Witney, Oxfordshire. My brief was to capture a selection of candid, relaxed images for the company’s website, social media pages and marketing campaign. There’s nothing I love more than photographing children having fun and, as you probably know by now, I hate posing children for the camera! So the next hour was spent on my knees, mingling with the children, and capturing fun images to reflect the energetic atmosphere within the village hall. And as you can see there were smiles galore!


Whenever I’ve got my pre-school photographer hat on, I always ask parents if they are happy for their children to be photographed and shared online. Occasionally there a few parents who prefer I don’t, so I simply work around that child and ensure they don’t appear in the background of any shots. Offering this reassurance to parents is extremely important to me, and one of the reasons why I am proud to be a DBS approved children’s photographer.

I also share a gallery of images with parents via a secure online website. They can even purchase any images they wish to keep.

To learn more about Ride On Time click here and why not contact me about photographing your family or toddler group!


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