I received a brilliant email following this family photo shoot at Blenheim Palace, it simply said: ‘Alex, you nailed it!’

Grandma and two children posing during a family photo shoot at Blenheim Palace

The brief had been to capture an array of images of two children and their Grandmother who was visiting from America! Blenheim Palace was the perfect location for this shoot as we could explore to our hearts’ content! In fact the whole shoot was full of fun adventures and amazing photo opportunities!


There are very few children who enjoy posing for photos, so I like to include a sense of play within my shoots. In this case, the little boy had brought his new toy sword so we started by playing with that! We climbed hills and charged down them and then, when they weren’t thinking about the camera, I got them to jump on Grandma’s knee for a quick group shot!

Young boy playing in a wood with a wooden sword


When you book your photo shoot with me, you’ll receive a clothing guide advising you of the best colours to wear for your shoot. It’s only a guide and if your children want to wear a rainbow-inspired unicorn onesie then that’s fine! But, as you’ll see from these images, the choice of clothes and colours can really complement your photos!

Family portrait of three generations taken on a family photo shoot at Blenheim Palace


The best thing about holding a photo shoot at Blenheim Palace is its amazing grounds! They are so vast that even in the height of the tourist season it’s possible to find quiet areas where your family can be alone.
I discovered this tree during my site visit to the Palace before our shoot and instantly knew the children would love it! I was right! As soon as they saw it their imagination kicked in, so I was able to capture some really natural moments like this photo below!

Boy and girl looking lovingly at each other whilst peering around a huge tree trunk


I like to involve children in their shoot, from having a go with my camera to choosing where they want to be photographed? For the photo below, the little boy asked if they could sit in this tree’s giant roots for a photo, so we did just that! I just love the way it’s hugging the three of them!

Grandma and Grandchildren sat in the giant roots of a huge tree


Mother, Father, Son and Daughter standing in the grounds of Blenheim Palace

I love to get Mum & Dad in the photos as it’s just as important to document your part in their life as much as the grandparents. This could be in the form of posed photos, impromptu games of tag, or tender little moments playing pooh sticks!

Family of four playing tag on a the grass whilst framed by huge trees
Father and son looking into a river whilst standing on a small bridge


I always explore a location before I hold a photo shoot. It allows me to find the best spots for your photos and saves time on the day! As soon as I saw this dry stone wall I knew it would be perfect for this family photo shoot at Blenheim Palace!

Montage of images of a family photo shoot at Blenheim Palace


Photo shoots can be daunting for children, so I always invite them to bring their favourite toy with them. As I mentioned, the little boy brought his new sword, whereas Mog was the toy of choice for his sister! To put her at ease we included Mog in the shoot and she even sat on my camera lens to help get some extra big smiles!

And I just adore the tender moment below when she gave Mog a little kiss!

Montage of images of a young girl sat on a wall with her Mog the Cat toy.

The family tell me the hardest part of the shoot is trying to decide which photos to frame for their wall as they simply love them all! So I guess I did ‘nail it!’

If you fancy visiting Blenheim Palace then click here!

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