Congratulations – the patter of tiny feet are on their way! But, as we all know, they don’t stay tiny for long! So now is the perfect time to book a newborn photographer to capture their little features before it’s too late!

Camera positioned to look over the shoulders of a new mother and father as they cradle their baby


As you will have no doubt noticed by now, there are a lot of different styles of newborn photography. I prefer not to swaddle and restrict babies movements. Instead, I love to capture natural moments that reflect their unique personalities at this early stage.

Baby feet up in the air

It could be the way they sleep, scrunch their nose as they feed, or capturing a little newborn yawn. For me it’s about documenting these little moments before they grow out of them!

newborn baby asleep in cot with orange stripy toy during maternity shoot


I also love to get you and other members of the family into the shot! It could be a quiet moment feeding your little one, or Grandma stealing a cuddle with the newest member of the family!

Newborn photographer captures a unique birds eye of a new mother bottle feeding her baby whilst grandma looks over them both. Baby is looking directly into the camera.

The best time to photograph a newborn baby is within the first two weeks of their life. I am happy to keep the date of the shoot flexible as we all know babies rarely arrive on time!

Mother and newborn baby sat on blue sofa with baby's father and family dog looking over the back of the sofa


Absolutely not! Photographing babies when they’re a little older simply means they’ll be more alert and may even treat us to a few gorgeous smiles!

Baby girl sat on her father's knee and looking directly into the camera with immense happiness


  • A phone call before the photo shoot
  • The shoot lasts up to 3 hours and can be worked around your baby’s feeds
  • You will be able to view the images via a secure online galley within two weeks of your photo shoot
  • £95 photo shoot (It does not include any prints or digital files)
  • Product packages of start at £295. Please contact me for full pricing details