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“Your the fairy godmother of maternity photography!” said new Mum Clare!  “You not only took the most amazing photos of my baby boy, but printed and delivered them to me at a time when I couldn’t even finish a cup of tea, let alone think about printing family heirlooms!”

I have to be honest, I’d never thought of it this way before. But Clare was right! Motherhood is wonderful but it’s also tricky, tiring and oh…then there’s the small point of the baby growing so quickly that if you blink you’ll miss it! Which is why a three tier ‘Bump, baby and beyond’ photo shoot is a great way to ensure you capture those special moments before they’re gone!

Here’s how Clare’s bespoke photo shoots worked:


Our first shoot together was at home. Maternity leave had started and her baby was due in a matter of weeks! She and her husband had recently moved into the house so everything was shiny and spotless, including the nursery which could have come straight out of a home interiors magazine! In fact forget the baby, I was ready to move into the nursery myself! We spent about an hour photographing her bump around the house and documenting her beautiful home pre-baby!


I returned again a few weeks after her son arrived. I was not the only one looking forward to meeting him that day. He was also going to be introduced to his Great Grandfather for the first time!

Clare and I had pre-planned the moment they’d meet and discussed where I’d be stood with my camera. But in the end the Great Grandfather caught us off guard and it all happened very suddenly in her hallway!

But we got some great photographs of that special moment, including some lovely portrait shots with Nanny; photos of Clare breastfeeding; and lovely images of the baby asleep in his cot!


Fast forward 8 months and Clare is nearing the end of her maternity leave! No longer a newborn baby, he was now eager to show me his wonderful smile and stick his tongue out at the camera!

We took a series of images inside, but this time we also wanted to include an outdoor shoot. So we set off to a local woodland playground and captured some beautiful shots of him smiling as Clare pushed him on the swing!


After every photo shoot, I send parents a link to a private online gallery where they can view the images at their leisure (I’m told the 2am feeds are always a favourite time for doing this!) The gallery lets you ‘favourite’ selected images; you can share the full gallery with other family members and even select and pay for your preferred print and digital package online! I’ll then deliver the prints ready mounted, and can even organise for them to framed as well! Giving you more time to finish that cup of tea before it goes cold!

Top tip for new parents! Have you discovered MUSH yet? It’s a great App designed to help you locate other Mum and Dads in your area!





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