Extended family of 16 standing for a portrait photo

Extended family of seven sat on a small bridge laughing

father and son sitting on a windowsill peering around the curtains to look at mother and daughter on second windowsill


Photoshoots at home can also be great fun! Everyone is relaxed as we play, eat, hide or just chill out on the sofa!

With this family, my eye was instantly drawn to their gorgeous window seats. And everyone was so engrossed playing peekaboo, they completely

forgot about the camera!

Little girl stands with her crouched parents to geed white geese
Family photo of parents holding a child in front of a big lavender bush

I photographed this family shortly before they started a new life in the Caribbean!

They asked me to photograph their favourite family activities to ensure their daughter would remember their time in the UK.

She rode her new bike all the way the park before feeding the local geese and chasing giant bubbles!

Header photo of a family baking with grandma


This photoshoot was so much fun! The family were staying in a Cotswold's holiday cottage to celebrate Grandma's special Birthday and I was her Birthday present!

She loves to bake with her Grandson so this became the theme for their photoshoot. You should have heard the giggles as we broke eggs, sieved flour and licked out the bowl!

Then we popped our wellies on to explore the village before heading home for...cake!

Boy baking a cake with Grandma
boy baking tries to scoop up egg he's spilt on the work surface
Mum teases a boy with a piece of cake whilst sat on the sofa
boy stood in a stream in yellow wellies and a red coat

Believe it or not, but photographing teenagers is not as difficult as you'd imagine. The trick is to involve them when it comes to planning the photoshoot and keep it fast-paced on the day! Being flexible and happy to adjust to their emotions is also key.

Teenagers can also have their own quirky behaviours from being glued to their phones, or in this family's case, always lagging behind the rest of the family! I couldn't resist capturing this memory for them as we headed out and about in London!

mother and teenagers pose by the backdoor surrounded by ferns and flowers
mother tickles teenagers on a small sofar
Four sets of kids feet hanging over the top of a wooden hot tub at Bibury Farm Barns

Family photo of 10 people from three generations taken by photographer Alexandra Tandy Photography at Bibury Barns

portrait photo of a couple stood in front of wooden cladding with flowers in the foreground
Three girls jumping on a double bed



Mother and daughter walking over a bridge with two dogs

Why should the humans have all the fun? Family photos should also include your pets be it at home or out and about.

capture the special relationship between their children and smaller pets. Would you like to include pets in your family portrait photos?

This family asked me to include their two elderly dogs who couldn't walk very far. Whilst other families have asked me to






Baby sits on mother's knee during Christening with finger in its mouth


family walking a wood towards the camera, banner