Personal trainer running along a path in a park

Are you thinking about starting a new business or perhaps rebranding your current one? If so, there’s one thing that’s key to your success – eye-catching website photography. After all, your website is one of the first things your clients will look at, so it’s essential it stands out for all the right reasons!

Personal trainer sat beside a stone wall at the end of her work out


Sarah Talbot contacted me to book a corporate photo shoot to promote her new business as a personal trainer. She wanted an array of photos that promoted her business as a friendly, approachable fitness solution for busy people.

Personal trainer doing a squat exercise whilst holding a dumbell


Sarah’s entire shoot took less than two hours, during which we captured a wide selection of photos to dress her website and social media pages. The weather was glorious, but cold! However, this worked in our favour! During the first part of the shoot there was a deep frost on the ground and a gorgeous golden light fell onto the trees.

Lady running up a grass hill on a frosty day with autumnal leaves in the background

But as the sun rose, the frost quickly melted and the orange tones faded to reveal luscious green grass and bold blue skies. It was like having two photo shoots in one!

Close-up shot of a lady running in a park


Another way to diversify your photo shoot is to change your clothes. This helps prevent your website from looking too repetitive. Of course, another option is to move locations. We held Sarah’s corporate photo shoot at Blenheim Palace near Oxford. With 2,000 acres of stunning parkland we were able to take advantage of lots of different backdrops.

Lady sat on the grass cross legged as part of a photo shoot to create eye-catching website photos


I always talk to clients before their shoot so I knew Sarah wanted to be active on social media. Knowing this in advance meant I could suggest she bring items such as weights and trainers to create some stock photos for her to use for generic posts.

Pair of colourful Adidas trainers sitting on a park bench


Another way to create multiple shots from one photo shoot is to photograph from different angles and positions. Of course, this does result in me lying on the ground and getting some odd looks from passers-by, but the results were worth it!

Close-up shot of a woman's feet  running along a path in white trainers
Woman running towards the camera in blue leggings and white trainers


We ended our shoot with some really eye-catching website photography to ensure visitors to Sarah’s website would really remember her!

Montage of silhouette photos of a woman working out

I took advantage of the bright sun and by adapting my camera’s manual settings I was able to create these stunning silhouette shots. We did a whole series of them using different stretches and poses to give her a diverse gallery to choose from as her business grows!

Do drop me a line if you’d like me to create a gallery of eye-catching photos for your business!

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