I’ve had the pleasure of working with the National Trust for several years now! They tell me my eye-catching photos are: “bang on brand for us and our customers!”

Prior to becoming a children’s photographer, I spent over 20 years in PR & Marketing. I was surround by news-based photographers, eager to secure a front cover, to  fashion photographers shooting for Tatler and Vogue. My time with them taught me how to capture eye-catching photos that stop customers in their tracks. And now I’m using the same skills in my own family photography.

Most recently, an image of my son jumping from a fallen tree trunk has graced 10,000 flyers for Cliveden National Trust. Comprising an amazing formal gardens, ancient woodlands and even a storybook play den, Cliveden is a kid’s dream! Which is why the back of this flyer promotes an array of family events ranging from orienteering, outdoor theatre performances, tree climbing and overnight camps!

Eye-catching photography National Trust Photographer


Cliveden’s marketing team  initially hired me to photograph its 2016 Christmas Campaign! That year, the festive theme was a Pantomime Trail for the entire family to enjoy – oh yes it was! From dressing up as a pantomime character to exploring Cinderella’s kitchen, the trail appealed to all ages. The shoot was held in October so we felt a little odd walking around in Christmas jumpers and elf costumes! But the result was a range of eye-catching photos that appeared on Cliveden’s Facebook page, website, regional adverts and promotional flyers.

Cliveden National Trust Christmas image Family dressed in pantomime clothes at Cliveden National Trust
Like many of my corporate photography clients, The National Trust supplied me with a detailed brief.  It stated that none of the family were to look directly at the camera. Well, you’d think that would be relatively easy, but when you ask a chid not to do something, they generally do the opposite. So the Marketing Officer spent most of the photo shoot jumping around behind me to grab their attention! It worked and prevented them looking down my camera lens!


After the shoot she wrote on my Facebook page:

“Alex’s energy, enthusiasm and eye-for-detail blew me away. The family Alex was photographing had such a lovely day as she made them feel relaxed and comfortable. The images, as a result, showed a wonderful, natural interaction between the siblings, exactly the brief I had given her. It was a real pleasure to have Alex as the photographer, and I feel so lucky I found her! Thank you again for the amazing pictures Alex. You truly made the campaign come to life.”

And because we shot the campaign in October, I couldn’t resist capturing a few autumnal shots that were used on its website and social media channels!

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