I’ve often wondered is there a word similar to broody, that applies to dogs? Meeting Roscoe during his Dog Photo Shoot, made me think perhaps it’s time I owned a dog!

The first thing that hits you about Roscoe is his amazing fox red colouring. It’s such a unique auburn shade and really showed off his strong labrador/retriever features.

Dog running during a dog photo shoot


We started our dog photo shoot with some fast action shots. This worked beautifully for Roscoe as, being just over a year old, he was full of boundless energy! So I cranked up my shutter speed and tried to track him as he zoomed around the forest.

Dog jumping over a fallen tree in a forest

Due to Roscoe’s height, we were able to do some amazing shots of him jumping over a fallen tree. Unlike children it’s impossible to tell a dog where and when to jump! But after a couple of attempts, and a few doggy treats, we got our shot!

Dog waiting for a treat from its owner


I always like to suggest including your family in your dog’s photos. It’s nice to reminisce about how you looked, what the fashions were, or how spritely your dog was.

With this in mind, I send a clothing guide to new clients advising them of what to wear. You don’t have to dash out on a massive shopping spree – unless you really want to! But it’s amazing how wearing colours that complement your dog and the season really impacts your final photos.

Montage of images of a dog and its owner


Despite his young age, Roscoe was extremely well trained and would sit and stay in specific locations. Don’t worry if your dog is not able to do this. We can easily photograph them on the lead and remove the lead from the final photo thanks to Photoshop!

Dog sitting by a tree
Dog lying on the ground
Dog sat on a mound of mud used by BMX bike riders for his dog photo shoot

After all that posing, it seemed only fair to let Roscoe have another run around! This time he was joined by his new favourite stick! Thank you Roscoe for being such a star and letting your family enjoy these photos for years to come!

Dog jumping with a stick in its mouth

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