Sally Dear, founder of Ducky Zebra
Ducky Zebra logo commercial photographer
Boy running at camera wearing Ducky Zebra clothes

Sally's vision for Ducky Zebra was to create a sustainable clothing brand free of gender stereotypes. She'd seen my forest school photography and wanted to recreate that vibe in her brand photos.

Girl standing by a tree wearing a yellow Ducky Zebra t-shirt
Ducky Zebra logo details inside short pockets
Child eating an orange whilst wearing a bright yellow t-shirt
Cuff detail of bright Ducky Zebra baby clothes
Two boys playing in a park doing handstands and lying on the grass
PR photographer photographs Sally Dear, Founder of Ducky Zebra as it officially launches for business
Lady standing in front of colourful street art
Insidie Ducky Zebra pop-up shop in Oxford
Rail full of ducky zebra children's clothes
Woman and toddler clothes shopping
Lady shopping for Ducky Zebra clothes
Lady in red coat shopping for brightly coloured baby clothes
Three children sat on an upturned tree
Ducky Zebra logo commercial photographer
Three children doing the sack race in a park