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It’s so exciting to receive new enquiries and discover how families learnt about me!  On this occasion, the family had asked a local parenting Facebook page if anyone knew a good Warwickshire Christening Photographer and a client of mine kindly recommended me!

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m arriving at the beautiful St Mary Magdalene’s Church in Tanworth-in-Arden. It really is the most beautiful, chocolate box village with an idyllic church right at its heart.

The vicar was so welcoming and kindly took the time to show me where I could and couldn’t photograph during the service. I was to stay behind the last row of guests, could not to use flash and was only to come to the front of the church during specific parts of the service. As a photographer, you want to be in the heart of the action getting the very best shots possible, but Christenings are not a photo shoot and I’m not the paparazzi! My job is to quietly document the event and be remembered as the photographer nobody noticed during the service, rather than the photographer who ruined the Christening by getting in the way!

My favourite image from the service is the one below which became my Facebook and Instagram sneak peek image. This is a great way to quickly showcase an image from your shoot before you receive the entire gallery. When the little boy’s Mother saw the image she commented:

“Just perfect. Exactly what I wanted, thank you so much xxx”


Whilst I enjoy photographing Christenings, I really, really enjoy photographing the after-party! Guests, both young and old, get to relax, loosen their ties and let their hair down. This results in some great photographic opportunities. They’re often fleeting little moments the hosts are unaware of until they look back through my images.


Whilst the baby napped, I got to work photographing the older children enjoying lots of fun and frolics! There were wigs, animal masks, footballs and of course a fabulous bouncy castle with a super-fast slide!


Family occasions such as this are a great way to update the family album. It could be candid little moments such as the little boy taking a selfie with his Godmother, to posed images with his Godfather and Grandparents.

I also got the chance to photograph a fellow photographer with her son. I know all too well that as the photographer of the family you’re rarely in any images yourself. So I was delighted to photograph her with her wonderful boys!

The party was also overflowing with opportunities to capture fun, candid portraits which look particularly stunning in black and white.

Alexandra Tandy Photography Portrait family photographer

All in all, it was a splendid day and I was delighted to be able to document it for this wonderful family! Oh and did you spot the little boy’s shorts in the final image? Go on take a second look!

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