Five family black and white photos framed and mounted on the wall

There's nothing I love more than seeing your family photos mounted and professionally framed. Plus, it's been proven that children are happier and more confident when their photos are displayed around the house! But I know you're busy, so I'm here to arrange everything for you! I can also create photo books and canvases for you!

three framed photos of dogs hanging in the hallway



I'd say relaxed! No fake smiles or saying ‘cheese’ for the camera, I prefer to photograph people just being themselves. This lets me capture their ‘real’ personalities which makes a great photo,

be it a family portrait or commercial headshot!



It's about being open with people and understanding they're probably going to be nervous in front of the camera!

If I'm photographing children, then I invite them to hold my camera and take a few photos themselves - don't worry it's fully insured! Then I ask them where we should explore, the games we should play and how loud we should laugh! It works a treat and before you know it they're so busy having fun they're oblivious to my camera snapping away!

When I'm photographing adults I'll explain the photo I'm trying to achieve, where I'd like them to stand or what to do with their hands. It instantly puts people at ease and

before you know it we've got the shot!

If this is worrying you, then why not read some of client reviews to see you're not alone. As you'll see they all ended up having lots of fun and adored their photos!

Family sat on a park bench holding a street sign that says Oxford



I live between Oxford and Banbury so am conveniently located to work in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, the Cotswolds and of course Oxfordshire!

But I'm more than happy to travel, so just let me know where you'd like me to photograph you and I'll make it happen!



Not really! But I'm a Mum who has also spent 25+ years in marketing and PR so it's a natural mix for me!

My aim is to create photos that really engage with the audience be it Grandparents or shareholders!



Oxfordshire nursery photographer



Boy flying through the air on his bike