Four children looking over the top of a white wall at a family photographer

Oxfordshire Family Photographer captures sweet moment when grandchildren and grandparents sit on the sofa reading the paper

I was delighted to be invited to Bibury Farm Barns to photograph a very special family.

We'd first met when I'd

photographed them at a Christening.

They loved my photos from that special day but particularly the candid moments. Consequently, they asked me to

photograph their family holiday

in the Cotswolds.

Family photoshoot at Bibury Farm Barns. Family are playing rugby but young boy has missed the ball

Initially, the first thing I do before a photo shoot is learn all about the family I'm photographing! It was great to have a chat with Jules who gave me a brilliant insight into all the children. Most importantly though, she told me that Grandma, the Birthday girl, may feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera.

As a result to of this information, I began the shoot focusing purely on the children as they played outside. This helped break the ice, burn off some of the children's excess energy, and took the focus off Grandma! Consequently she could relax and enjoy the experience.

Family playing with a rugby ball at Bibury Farm Barns lawn
Girls running and tumbling around a lawn. Banner image
Girls lovingly playing with each other outside
Banner image of grandparents looking at The Times newspaper with grandchildren falling over the back of the sofa
Banner image of a boy against a white wall with a luscious green plant to the right of him

Three girls swinging from the rafters at Bibury Farm Barns

Three granddaughters jumping and posing on a double bed with their Grandma
Three granddaughters swinging from the rafters above a bed with their Grandma
Four sets of kids feet hanging over the top of a wooden hot tub at Bibury Farm Barns
Two ladies hugging with the sun setting in the distance
Two men smiling over a BBQ as they cook
Grandma toasts guests at her birthday BBQ
Boy trying to catch a ruby ball but missing