Amazing photo of new parents relaxing on a bed with a baby, As featured in vogue

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be able to say: “Alexandra Tandy Photography – as featured in Vogue!” But thanks to the wonderful website team at Vogue Italia, I am able to say just that! Let me fill you in on how this happened!


PhotoVogue is a photography platform created by the Photo Editors of Vogue Italia. It’s an amazing opportunity for photographers to showcase their work online but ‘only’ if the magazine’s Picture Editors’ feel your work meets their exact standards. And trust me when I say they are ruthless!

Screen shot of Vogue Italia website

Photographers from around the world vie to get their work published on the PhotoVogue website but most photos are instantly rejected. So to be featured on their website is a true honour and extremely hard to achieve! Which is why I’m absolutely over the moon they accepted one of my photographs! You can see the full story on its website by clicking here


This tiny little boy was just three weeks old when I met him for a newborn family photo shoot at his home. Life is always chaotic with a newborn, but this sweet family had just arrived from Australia. As you can imagine, they hadn’t had time to buy furniture, unpack or make their rented house feel like home.

Amazing photo of new parents relaxing on a bed with a baby, As featured in vogue

With this in mind, I suggested they cosy up on their bed and I opted for really tight crop to ensure you couldn’t see any of the removal boxes! And that ladies and gentlemen, is how I got to be able to say “as featured in Vogue!” Some how I think I’m going to be saying it quite a bit!

Do let me know if you’d like me to photograph your family too!

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